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CUBART Newsletter is a specialized weekly news service from the Portal of Cuban Culture. In our pages you will find the most outstanding aspects from national culture ongoing and its worldwide reflection, as well as opinion sections dealing with themes which today worry intellectuals.


- International Jazz Festival in Varadero Next Month
- New Special Eduaction Plan in Cuba
- Raquel Hotel, tribute to the Hebrew presence in Havana

- Bobby Carcasses, Jazzman or Musical Comedian?
- Honoris Causa Doctorate Granted to Cuban Heroine Melba Hernández
- Varadero Jam Session in sight
- Cultural Attractions at Castillo del Morro in Santiago de Cuba
- Havana, Today just like Yesterday. Homage to Walter Evans
- Cubans Cool Off with Books this Summer
- To rescue the “guayabera”
- Varadero Beach to host Cuban Jazz Festival
- Cuban Yearbook in Multimedia
- Havana Carnival Opens with Children´s Parade
- Los Papines to Perform in Havana
- Actress Maria Santana: 93 and Going Strong
- Announcing the Award “To Think against the Mainstream.”
- International Colloquium "Violence/ Counter violence in the culture of Caribbean and Latin American women”: Announcement.
- Our dearest colleague Juan Emilio Friguls has passed away


- Lizt Alfonso Ballet Opens New Zealand Arts Festival
- Cuban New Trova Music Hits Japan
- Cuban Choir Triumphs in France
- Guyana to Host 10th CARIFESTA Festival
- Cuban professor to teach Communitarian Theater courses in Guatemala .
- Cuban Dancers Participate in Quito´s International Ballet Encounter
- Cuban University Artists Tour Europe
- Yusa in Brazil
- Cuban Literacy Program Film Released in Uruguay
- Schola Cantorum Coralina Succeeds in France
- Memories of a Unique Childhood: A documentary in Guatemala
- Buenos Aires: Release the Five


- Liuba Maria Hevia: From The City Asphalt To Cuban Country Music
- Dra. Dolores Ortiz: A famous character
- Reconciliation with literature? Interview with writer Senel Paz
- Interview to Lourdes Maria Gonzalez Herrero
- The infinite adventure of the fish
- The country writer that writes for children

International Jazz Festival in Varadero Next Month

<p align="left">Havana,  (AIN).- Cuban jazz lovers will be able to enjoy the music of the best jazz players of the country during the "Varadero Jam Session" Jazz Festival that will take place next month in the Varadero beach resort, in central Matanzas province. 

        <p align="left"> 

        </td>  </tr>  <tr>    <td valign="top" width="746"><p align="left"><a href="http://www.jazz.soycubano.com/indexi.asp" target="_blank">Maestro Jesus ´Chucho´ Valdes issued the call of the event </a>scheduled for September 5-9 under the auspices of the Cuban ministries of Culture and Tourism. <br>            <br>        The main venue of the event will be the Plaza America although concerts and other activities will also take place at the Casa de la Musica (House of Music), the mambo Club, the Jazz Club and the Hotel Internacional in Varadero. <br>        <br>        For the opening concert at the Main Hall of the Plaza America, Chucho has invited Mayra Caridad Valdés, Elmer Ferrer, Lázaro Morua, Yasek Manzano and some foreign guests. <br>        <br>        The show "Un Tambor al Jazz" will open the event with the participation of the groups Afrocuba, Mestizaje of Matanzas and others. <br>        <br>        Some of the Cuban renowned musicians who will take part in the festival include Ernán López-Nussa, José Luis Cortés, Bobby and Robertico Carcassés.

New Special Eduaction Plan in Cuba

Havana,  (RHC).- It was announced last Thursday that a new special education project will be implemented in Cuba beginning with the next school year as part of the national program "Educate Your Child." <br><br>The initiative will focus on families with children that have special learning needs so that they can receive proper attention. <br><br>Master of Science in Education Eulalia Travieso said that children with any sort of mental handicap need to be over-stimulated as early as possible so that they can develop their full potential. <br><br>The program "Educate Your Child" got underway in the 1980s, and was designed to reach preschoolers that were not enrolled in any child care facility, and who therefore had no connection with the educational system.
Raquel Hotel, tribute to the Hebrew presence in Havana

 Located on Amargura and San Ignacio streets, close to the Old and San Francisco de Asis squares, the <a href="http://www.webhavana.com/en/havana_hotels/old_havana/hotel_raquel.html">Raquel Hotel </a>opened its doors more than three years ago. The eclectic building was built in 1905 and for this reason its facade shows the baroque style, it has a striking turret at the top of the building and the interior illustrates the art nouveau style. The columns are made of marble with a beautiful skylight that crowns the building, work of the artist Rosa Maria de La Terga. 

 After the impressive facade, when we enter the lobby we began to observe symbols of the Hebrew culture decorating the place. That is the case of a marble sculpture of the thresholds of the last century representing the Egyptian princess that took Moses from the waters of the Nile river, a stone brought from Jerusalem mountains, lamps resembling the star of David as well as other works by outstanding artist of the Cuban plastic arts like two paintings of the figure of the Hebrew history that names the hotel made by artists Jose Luis Fariñas and Ernesto Garcia Peña. 

 It provides 25 comfortable doubled rooms identified by biblical names. The second floor evokes male names like Isaac, Abraham, Jacob or Samuel, while the third and last floor recalls female names like Rebecca, Sarah, Esther, Lea and others. 

 The Jardin del Eden restaurant (Garden of Eden) is unique of its kind in Cuba offering the traditional Jewish food and the exclusive Bezalel boutique and gallery. 

 A singular place inside the Raquel Hotel is the incomparable terrace and viewpoint, place of perpetual homage to the Hebrew presence in Cuba that according to history it took place mainly in Old Havana. There, visitors can take the sun or simply refresh with the sea breeze or enjoy the beauty of Havana nights and at the same time taste dishes and drinks of the Jewish cuisine. 

Bobby Carcasses, Jazzman or Musical Comedian?

<a href="http://www.jazz.soycubano.com/indexi.asp" target="_blank">Bobby Carcasses</a> is both. The Cuban jazz pioneer was well received at recent performances at the Marlborough 2007 Jazz Festival in England and other UK venues. 

       Carcasses, known as Cuba´s leading male scat singer, played his trumpet and sang along with his partner Maria Cecilia Colon, a singer who deserves more visibility, and superb English saxophonist George Haslam. 

       "I matured into jazz by way of theater music," confesses Carcasses. "And I wanted to share that experience with British professionals and enthusiasts so they could better understand the variety and richness of Cuban music." 

       The artist, who also draws and paints, opens an exhibition of his work at the Servando Cabrera Moreno gallery in the Havana municipality of Play in mid-August. 

       Bobby is also preparing another surprise for the end of the year. "It´s related to my training phase in the former Havana Musical Theater, under the direction of Alfonso Arau of Mexico. We are in contact to do something together. We´ll see what comes out of it," said Carcasses. 

Honoris Causa Doctorate Granted to Cuban Heroine Melba Hernández

Havana, (AIN).- An Honoris Causa Doctorate degree on International Relations   was granted last Monday to Cuban heroine Melba Hernández during a ceremony   held at the Main Hall of the University of Havana.

 According to the head of the Raúl Roa García Higher Institute   for International Relations, Isabel Allende Karma, the distinction was awarded   to Melba for her contribution to the development of revolutionary diplomacy,   the promotion of solidarity and the defense of the values and principles of   the foreign policy of the Cuban Revolution.

For his part, Ricardo Alarcón, President of the Cuban Parliament, highlighted   the significance of granting the recognition to Melba on Cuban Martyrs´ Day,   commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of revolutionary leader   Frank País.

"As we recognize what Melba has accomplished in her life, on a day like   this, we are also paying tribute to Haydée Santamaría, Celia Sánchez,   Vilma Espín and so many other women who faced so many risks and prejudices,"   he said.

Alarcón also praised Melba´s internationalism, not only in Viet Nam,   but also with her work in the Cuban Peace Movement, the Organization in Solidarity   with the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America and the World Peace Council.

For her part, after showing her thankfulness for the recognition, Melba said   that Fidel Castro, Ernesto Guevara, Raúl Castro and Abel Santamaría   have always been her inspiration and guides and also spoke of the privilege   of having met important personalities such as Ho Chi Minh and Amílcar   Cabral, among others.

"I humbly accept this recognition as a tribute to my fallen comrades and   the people of Cuba," she noted.

Also present in the ceremony were Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque,   Higher Education Minister Juan Vela Valdés and the head of the International   Relations Department at the Central Committee of Cuba´s Communist Party, Fernando   Remírez de Estenoz.

Varadero Jam Session in sight

Havana, (Cubarte).- The most famous beach in America is going to celebrate with  great style the First Jam Session Festival, from September 6th – 9th, 2007. 

The last information we have from the Cuban Music Institute, announced us that among the most famous personalities who will assist on Cuban side are professor Chucho Valdés, Mayra Caridad Valdés, the pianist Ernán López Nussa, the show man Bobby Carcassés and the flute player José Luis Cortés, leader of Cuban <em>timba </em>. 

There will also take part the young Robertico Carcasés, the gospel vocalist Lázaro Morúa, the excellent trumpet player Yasek Manzano, the guitar player Elmer Ferrer, Alejandro Vargas and Roberto Martínez, who directs the group Todos Estrellas del Jojazz. 

The presentations will be held at the Plaza América, Casa de la Música, Mambo Club, Club de jazz and the International Hotel from Varadero. 

Some Jazz bands will arrive at the beautiful Cuban beach: Chispa y sus Cómplices, Giraldo Piloto and Klimax, Bamboleo, Havana Ensemble. They will all perform in the Casa de la Música of the <em>EGREM </em>. 

“This will be a good opportunity to meet the well known starts of Cuban jazz as well as the young promises–says Chucho Valdés, president of the organizing committee of the encounter–Cuba is a true jazz superpower in every sense.” Varadero will confirm this. 

Translation: Karen López (Cubarte) 

Cultural Attractions at Castillo del Morro in Santiago de Cuba

Havana, (DTCNews).- The Castillo del Morro Museum, in the eastern city of Santiago   de Cuba, has become an excellent venue to promote local culture.

The castle exhibits valuable historic elements in a score of halls, which are   visited by both of Cubans and foreigners.

Museum officials said that the castle has a new alternative area for plastic   art exhibitions by members of the Hermanos Saíz Association and well-known   artists.

In addition, a hall dedicated to the 20th century will open soon to exhibit   relevant artifacts and documents from the first US intervention until 1997.

The museum shows objects and elements related to piracy in the Caribbean and   to the fortress as a prison during Cuba´s wars of independence.

On the other hand, the center exerts its cultural influence on the coastal   communities of La Socapa, Cayo Granma, Caracoles and Punta Gorda.

Havana, Today just like Yesterday. Homage to Walter Evans

"If only a song would be enough to return what the time took from you"Carlos Varela <br>  <br>  The National Museum of Fine Arts housed the exhibition Orbis Homage to Walter   Evans, of the artists Jose Toirac and Meira Marrero, weird title for one of   the most lucid events of the Cuban plastic arts of this time. 

To arrive to the place where the transitory exhibitions are located is obligatory   to make a long trip through the Museum. For that reason I crossed the room where   the art of the 80’s is treasured. The canvas Cuba Champion, where a Cuban   boxer raises his hand victorious after defeating a North American pugilist under   Jose Toirac´s signature and that of Tanya Angulo. 

I wondered if Toirac is terrified of solitude, because almost always he seeks   for company for the act of creation –he also shared his desires with Juan   Pablo Ballester and Ileana Villazón. This time he is accompanied by Meira,   his wife and mother of his two children, with whom he has carried out investigations   which conclusions were shaped into exhibitions. Let’s remember Jao Moch,   Homage to Antonia Eiriz, 1998. 

Why Walter Evans now? The North American photographer foresaw Havana of 1933,   in full dictatorship of Machado, and he took pictures of the everyday life of   the city. Meira and Toriac who don´t care about the myth of originality, are   born from a work already known to elaborate their own speech; then their memoirs   are merged with those of Evans to look at sites of Havana stopped in time, and   rediscovering attitudes that residents keep in time like a genetic heritage,   fire-proof. 

The memory is tinted in gold, supported by the strength of precious wood, that   gold and that wood so coveted by Spaniards, snatched with the sword and the   cross, in America. But the “nobleness” of the materials are clouded   by the austerity with which they were used. 

Meira and Toirac play with the contexts: Havana 1933 is the same, but it’s   not similar to the Havana of 2007. The images appeal to the spectator´s intelligence,   filled of suggestions, and they multiply the questions. The other one looks   at us and we, in reciprocity, return our own look on the present, on our future   history. The photographs of Ricardo G. Elías are eloquent testimonies. 

The sample inherits the searching work of the plastic arts of the 80’s,   when Toirac retraced under the domes of the buildings of the plastic arts of   ISA and Meira walked the halls of the Faculty of Arts and Letters. I think their   aspiration of dialoguing with the spectator is born there, the aspiration of   proposing a downpour of ideas. 

This proposal of Meira and of Toirac has a huge nostalgic load, but their nostalgia   doesn´t stay in the past, it looks into the future, taught by Rubén Martínez   Villena’s poem that closes the exhibition, verses that many learned by   heart while Silvio sang it: "and these wings so short and these clouds   so high, and these wings wanting to conquer those clouds". Sentences where   the poet surprises his audience speaking of hopeless desires, him who rejected   his verses to organize the strike that would overthrow Machado. 

Orbis. Homage to Walter Ewans, of José Toirac and Meira Marrero, is   an evidence of how the intelligence and art are not foreign to each other, that   it’s possible to think and dream, to live and be happy in Havana, today   just like yesterday. 

Cubans Cool Off with Books this Summer

Havana,  (PL).-Cubans are compensating for the high temperatures this summer season by reading in a new campaign starting Friday to encourage the habit of reading. 

 A book fair, "Summertime Reading," was preceded by the Night of Books, run in the capital July 6th. 

 In addition of selling books, the initiative includes literary gatherings, concerts, performances by troubadours, as well as dance and theater activities. 

To rescue the “guayabera”

Years before a ¨guayabera¨ was not only a symbol of Cuban identity, but also of distinction and elegance; nowadays it is really hard to see someone in a party wearing such Cuban garment, which is part of our idiosyncrasy and traditions. <br>    <br>  Perhaps, to copy and follow foreign fashion and the lack of continuity, have a lot to do with this phenomenon, but the truth is that the task of rescuing the traditions we have losen, is in the hands of the media, the educators and the people in charge of promoting culture. <br>  <br>  To look for the ways to approach young people to distinctive elements like the¨guayabera¨, which has identified Cubans throughout history, to talk about it, explain its origins, as well as to perform ancient scenes, constitute important goals we have to achieve. <br>  <br>  On August 4th, the San Cristóbal municipality will be the host of the Guayabera Dance so we will  realize how much we can do in every territory to rescue our roots.

  This event gives the traditional music lovers the possibility to enjoy all the Cuban genres, always wearing this simple and elegant garment. <br>  <br>  The participants, apart from having fun, are awarded the best couple and the best ¨guayabera¨ design. <br>  <br>  The day becomes a party and with very solid goals, while every year what seems old-fashioned in other places, in San Cristobal continues being a custom. <br>  <br>  The Guayabera Festival allows the youngest members of the family to get related to pure Cuban elements, as well as to spread values of love for our grandparents´ customs, and of course the respect towards that part of our ancestors´ history. <br>  <br>  We have to rescue what is ours, we do not have to borrow anything, it is there; and the thing is not to wear a guayabera in every single birthday party, but it is to know its origin and not to see it as an old-fashioned and meaningless object, because absolutely it is not. 

Varadero Beach to host Cuban Jazz Festival

Presided over by the prestigious Maestro Jesús “Chucho” Valdés, the Ministries of Culture and Tourism convoke for this new event of <a href="http://www.jazz.soycubano.com/indexi.asp" target="_blank">Cuban Jazz, in Varadero</a>.  

This will be a unique opportunity to enjoy the best Cuban jazz at diverse scenarios in  the Varadero Tourist Complex. The event is aimed at gathering on  September, the most important Cuban jazzists   of all generations to create a real improvisation party. 

The Varadero Tourist Complex will be the venue for these extraordinary jam sessions that distinguish our most brilliant jazzists and other genres of the Cuban music. 


The event will be sponsored by the Cuban  Ministry of Culture, the Cuban Institute of Music and the Cuban Ministry of Tourism, while the main venue will be the Plaza Américain Varadero. Other venues will be the  Casa de la Música of  Varadero, the Varadero Mambo Club, the  Jazz Club and the Internacional Hotel. 

The 0rganizing Committee is presided over by Maestro  Jesús “Chucho” Valdés. 


Program of the event


Wednesday, September 5th 


10:30 pm:  Terrace of Internacional Hotel.   Welcome show: “ Un tambor al Jazz” , with the participation of artists from the  “Internacional” night club show, Afrocuba and Mestizaje de Matanzas groups. 

Thursday, September  6th     

 6:00 pm : JoJazz Saloon  (Plaza América),  Alejandro Vargas and guests 

 10:00 pm  Main Saloon   (Plaza América):  Opening Concert: Chucho Valdés and guests,  Mayra Caridad Valdes, Lazaro  Morua, Yasek  Manzano and foreign guests.  

Friday, September 7th


6:00 pm: JoJazz Saloon   (Plaza América)  Yazek Manzano and guests

10:00 pm:  Main Saloon (Plaza América) Ernán Lopez-Nussa and guests

Saturday, September 8th 

6:00 pm: JoJazz Saloon  (Plaza América) : Roberto Martínez  and guests. 

10:00: pm  Main Saloon  (Plaza América): Jose Luis Cortés and guests

Sunday, September 9th  

6:00 pm:  JoJazz Saloon  (Plaza América),   “JoJazz” All Stars 

10:00 pm  Main Saloon  (Plaza América): Bobby y Robertico Carcassés and guests

Mambo Club


>From Thursday to Sunday,  Carlos Tarafa´s Jazz Band  will be performing  with the presence of dancing partners from the  Santa Amelia´s friends club. 


Casa de la Música 


>From Thursday to Sunday there will be jazz dancing groups. 

Cuban Yearbook in Multimedia

Havana, (PL).- The 2006 Cuban Statistical Yearbook is expected to appear in   multimedia format for a first time in history of the publication, local media   states last Wednesday.

 According to "Juventud Rebelde" newspaper, the research from the   National Statistics Office will be available in 23 chapters, 302 tables, 18   graphics, 10 maps and 376 English and Spanish pages.

The multimedia will be located in all libraries and municipal universities   of the country, as well as other organizations of the State, as an important   step in the socialization of figures and analysis.

The multimedia can be consulted at www.one.cu, while nearly 3,000 copies of   the Yearbook will be printed, and another edition in pocket books is being prepared.

Havana Carnival Opens with Children´s Parade

Los Papines to Perform in Havana

Havana, (Cubasi).-¨Los Papines are Still at their Best¨ is the latest   compact disk of the homonymous quintet promoted at   La Pergola, in the gardens of the Ministry of Culture of Cuba. <br>  <br>  As special guests to the appointment will be the quartet Las D´Aida, under the   direction of the singer Lilita Peñalver whom that day will premiere songs   like Gozando a mi Madera (Enjoying on my Way), of Lazaro Orlando Mengual and   Canto a mi tambor (A Song for my Drum), of Juan Almeida Bosque. <br>  <br>  At present Los Papines are deep in the realization of the documentary film Nunca   es tarde si al rumba es Buena (It’s Never Too Late if the Rumba is Good)   comprising 45 years of international career of the band. <br>  <br>  The documentary will also comprise the six decades of uninterrupted work of   its director Ricardo Abreu Hernandez, worldwide known as Papin. <br>  <br>  The famous musicians are preparing a new album project that puts together several   of their songs recorded with Omara Portuondo, Luis Carbonell, Celeste Mendoza,   Merceditas Valdes, Lazaro Ross, Joseito Gonzalez, Felo Vergaza and Ruben Gonzalez,   among others. <br>  <br>  Los Papines were created in year 1959 –it was initially a quartet of voices   and percussion - to which joined the brothers Luis, Alfredo, Jesus, and Ricardo   Abreu. <br>  <br>  The group belonging to the Musical Promoting Company Ignacio Pineiro holds a   repertoire that shifts among the lines of Afro-Cuban melodies, emphasizing the   rumba made in an original way and with unconventional elements. <br>  <br>  Starting at 6:00 p.m. the lovers of Cuban traditions will have the option of   La Pergola, located in 13 Street, in the capital neighborhood of El Vedado. 
Actress Maria Santana: 93 and Going Strong

Havana, (Granma).-Maria de los Angeles Santana, National Theater Prize in 2001, and considered one Cuba´s most important actors of all time, celebrated her 93rd birthday among a host of artists including Rosita Fornes, Aurora Basnuevo and Mario Limonta. 

Playwrights Nelson and Nicolas Dorr, "on behalf of the people of Cuba" called the actress´ life´s work as "intense." Hector Quintero called it a "privilege" to participate in the birthday of the diva. Renecito de la Cruz congratulated Santana in his name, on behalf of Pura Ortiz and that of the recently deceased Rene de la Cruz. 

"I admire your lucidity and intensity, almost imponderable in words. May our love and applause accompany you…" said a text read by Nelson Dorr during the tribute in Havana. Maria de los Angeles Santana was born on August 2, 1914 and started her acting career in 1938. 

Nelson called the actress "proverbial in the simplicity of her immense talent," and spoke of "the boundless heart of an incalculable woman." 

Nicolas Dorr said Santana is "among the actresses who knows how to talk, who communicates and shows elegance and a gentleness that are rare today." 

Announcing the Award “To Think against the Mainstream.”

Havana, (Cuba-L).- Aiming at recognizing and spread the critical thinking on the problems and challenges of the contemporary world, from a wide anti-imperialist and socialist perspective, the Cuban Book Institute announces the 5th edition of the Essay Competition “To Think Against the Mainstream”. 

This award, which stimulates the circulation of a line of thought that is today very diffused, silenced and alienated in the great domination circuits, hopes to contribute to the structure of a system of ideas in the field of social sciences and culture, that promote change and resistance to hegemonic power. 

1. Authors are allowed to participate from any country in the world with an unpublished essay, in Spanish, Portuguese, English or French (or it may be translated into any of these languages), which should not be already under a publishing process nor have already obtained awards in other competitions. 

2. The central theme should be: The fight to achieve a better world is possible. 

3. The essay should be no less than 20 pages and no more than 40. A page is made up of 1 800 characters (30 lines with 60 characters each) for an admissible total of 72 000 characters. 

4. There should be no more than a single work per author. 

5. The essay should be sent before November 15, 2007 in an attachment (preferable .rtf, although it can also be .doc or open format files such as .odt), in a single copy and a single message. It should be properly identified with the name and the address of the author, as well as a brief summary of his/her Curriculum Vitae to this e-mail address: <a href="mailto:contracorriente en cubarte.cult.cu">contracorriente en cubarte.cult.cu </a>. The author should receive a confirmation that his work has been received from the Office of the Competition, in order for his text to be eccepted in the competition. 

6. A prestigious international jury will give three awards, which will be of 1 500, 1 000 and 500 Euros, for the first, second and third place, respectively. The mentions considered by the jury will be also handed in, but they do not imply any sort of finantial retribution. 

7. There will be a book published with the awarded essays and a selection of the works that were sent. The Cuban Book Institute has the right to the first edition of the participating texts, which is valid for an entire year starting from the closing of the announcement. 

8. The decision of the jury will not be open to appeal and it will be made available in February 2008, during the Havana International Book Festival. 

9. To participate in the competition means the acceptance of these bases. 

Translation: Karen López (Cubarte) 

International Colloquium "Violence/ Counter violence in the culture of Caribbean and Latin American women”: Announcement.

Havana, (Casa de las Americas).- The Program for Studies of Women announces the International Colloquium Violence/ Counter violence in the culture of Caribbean and Latin American women, which will be held at the la Casa de las Américas from February 18 until 22, 2008, as a continuation of those that took place since 1994 on women and Caribbean and Latin American culture. 

In the same way as the memories of the former colloquiums were published or are undergoing an editorial process thanks to the sponsorship of different universities, the memories from this event will be edited jointly with some other institution from the continent. 

Summaries and presentations 

We should have in our possession a summary of 250 words, with the title of the presentation and the name and surname of the author and the institution to which he/she belongs before December 20, 2007 . 

The length of the presentations should be no more than 9 pages written with a double space, which is equivalent to 2 500 words and 20 minutes of oral reading. The participants should bring, together with the printed text of their presentations, in which they should use the international regulations for notes, references and bibliography, a floppy disk or CD. 

Inscription and admission period 

The inscription fee for the colloquium is $50.00 CUC and it should be paid personally in the <em>Casa de las Américas </em> on February 18, from 8:30 to 9:30 . 

Themes from the colloquium 

- Conceptualization of gender violence. 

- Patriarchal society and gender violence. 

- Gender violence in Latin American and Caribbean history. 

- Gender violence in Latin American and Caribbean culture. 

- The collective construction of counter violence: domestic tricks, legal appeals and its representations. 

Conferences, panels and other activities 

There will be master conferences and/or panels on the themes of the colloquium, as well as readings, concerts and exhibitions of Cuban writers and artists. 


In order to facilitate your movement and stay in Cuba you should contact your Travel Agency or direct yourself to: 


3ª y G, El Vedado, La Habana, 10 400, Cuba. 

Phone. (537) 838-2715, 838-2706/09. 

Télex 511019 CAMER CU. 

Fax: (537) 834-4554 

E-mail: <a href="mailto:pem en casa.cult.cu">pem en casa.cult.cu</a>; <a href="mailto:cil en casa.cult.cu ">cil en casa.cult.cu </a>

Translation: Karen López (Cubarte) 

Our dearest colleague Juan Emilio Friguls has passed away

Juan Emilio Friguls, relevant Cuban journalist with a prolific life in the Cuban Journalism has just passed away in the morning of August 8th. 

Friguls was born on August 3rd, 1919 and he started his career as a journalist in 1945 keeping himself active in the Cuban media including our radio station till the very last moment of his life. 

He worked for Informacion and for Bohemia. He was Cuban correspondent for the National Catholic Welfare Conference of Washington, writer of the Diario de la Marina and newspaper reporter of the Union Radio. 

Juan Emilio was the Dean of Provincial Journalists School from 1959 to 1970 and among the most important awards received he had been presented by the Minister of the Cuban Armed Forces with the Generalissimo Maximo Gomez ¨Machete¨. 

Forever with us. 

During his vast professional career , Emilio Friguls was characterized by his devotion to journalism, his modesty and his high sense of responsibility, all virtues he offered to the Radio Reloj staff since 1972. 

Essentially a Journalist, Friguls was nominated to the Prince of Asturias Award (Premio Príncipe de Asturias), he was bestowed with the National Culture Award (Premio de la Cultura Nacional), the Jose Marti Journalism National Prize (Premio Nacional de Peridismo José Martí), the National Radio Award (Premio Nacional de la Radio) and the Cuban Radio The Microphone Award (Premio El Micrófono de la Radio Cubana). 

He was member of the Cuban Journalists Association, to the Cuban National Association of Cuban and Writers and for more than 10 years was awarded the National Vanguard condition of the Cuban National Union of the Culture Workers. 

His funeral will be carried out today at 4:00 PM at the Havana ´s Colon Cemetery 

Translation: Liana Fleitas Suarez (Cubarte) 

Lizt Alfonso Ballet Opens New Zealand Arts Festival

Wellington.- The Lizt Alfonso Ballet Company of Cuba brought its public to its feat on the opening day of the Christchurch Art Festival, one of the most important artistic events of the summer season in New Zealand.  

The dance company´s <em>Fuerza y Compas </em>was selected to open the festival at the Isaac Theatre Royal, an event attended by Prime Minister Helen Clark.  

Clark personally greeted the Cuban dancers at the conclusion of their performance and praised them for their energy and high artistic concept on stage.   

The opening of the festival had special significance for the Cuban company since it fell on July 26, National Rebellion Day, Cuba´s most important national holiday.  

The Lizt Alfonso Ballet troupe performed sketches and scenes that ran from classic ballet to fusion and flamenco, with an ever present vitality in performing the choreographies.  

The Christchurch Art Festival continues through August 12 and besides dance includes symphonic orchestra concerts, art expositions and opera performances 

Cuban New Trova Music Hits Japan

Havana, (AIN).- Five Cuban musicians representatives of the New Trova cultural   movement gave a concert over the weekend in Japan, building up a musical bridge   between the Caribbean Island and the Asian country.

In statements to the local press right before the peformance, one of the Cuban   singer-songwriters, Lazaro Garcia confessed that it was a challenge for them   to sing in front of an audience that doesn´t understand the message of the songs,   as they are used to singing for Spanish-speaking people.

However, the concert in the Japanese capital, Tokio, was a success, showing   that music knows no bounds.

"We felt like home," said Vicente Feliu, singer and guitarist, adding   that in spite of the language gap, he experienced a "truly extraordinary"   flow of energy and communication.

The other three Cubans who took the stage were Alejandro Valdes (guitarist),   Augusto Blanca (singer-guitarist) and Pepe Ordaz (singer-guitarist and percussionist).

To get their message across, the five musicians asked renowned Japanese singer   and guitarist Nobuyo Yagi to accompany them on stage "to give a short synopsis"   in Japanese of the songs on the program, reported Granma newspaper.

One-by-one, Yagi introduced each of the 25 songs, giving historical background   and conveying aspects to increase audience appreciation of the music.

"The goal of the concert was to present popular Cuban music little known   in Asia; so we decided to play a varied repertoire of classics [...] of the   last 150 years," said Feliu.

Cuban Choir Triumphs in France

The Cuban Cantorum Coralina choir performed with total success in the French   localities of Sully and Autun, after participating in the Grand Popular Concert   of the Morvan Music Festival.

The choir, conducted by Maestro Alina Orraca, will sing in Montecenis and in   the church of Bazoches, where lie the remains of the great French military architect   Sebastien Le Pestre Vauban, 1633-1707, to whom the 32nd edition of the festival   was dedicated.

"Requiem to Vauban´s Memory," by young composer Enguerrand Firedrich   Luhl, was sung in the city of Morvan by singers from Spain, Hungary, England,   Italy, Poland, Romania and Cuba, together with the Camerata of Bourgogne, conducted   by Luxembourg Maestro Pierre Cao.

The event, on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Vauban´s death, is held   yearly in Autun, a city in the French Bourgogne region, which harbors the Morvan   area, founded by the Romans 2000 years ago.

The choirs that participate in the festival not only sing and demonstrate their   national folkore at the monumental Romanesque cathedrals and abbeys of Morvan,   but also at places related to Vauban´s life and work.

Guyana to Host 10th CARIFESTA Festival

Georgetown, (PL).- Guyana President Bharrat Jagdeo and CARICOM representatives   analyzed initial plans last Tuesday to make the 10th CARIFESTA Festival in Guyana   in 2008 a truly memorable encounter. Guyana was the venue of the first festival   35 years ago.

CARIFESTA has been the maximum cultural event in the Caribbean, aimed at facilitating   artistic and intellectual interchange among the States of the area, marked by   a common history.

At first, the Bahamas was to host CARIFESTA 2008, but the government of that   archipelago turned down the proposal as it does not have the required infrastructure   to celebrate festivals, an action approved by Prime Minister Perry Christie´s   previous administration.

Despite the change, current Bahamas Head of Government Hubert Ingraham said   that his country could apply to celebrate CARIFESTA 2012.

Cuban professor to teach Communitarian Theater courses in Guatemala .

Guatemala (PL).- The aim of a theater project from the Ministry for Culture and Sport from Guatemala is to promote art in the rural communities. This is undertaken by the Cuban professor Norah Hamze

The program started in the Guatemalan capital and it will extend to the Jalapa, Petén and Quiché departments, aiming to include the participation of young people from all over the country and from every ethnic origin, explained Roberto Ruano, from the <em>Unidad de Desarrollo Cultural ( </em>Cultural Development Unit) from the ministry. 

“The aim is that they may be able to go and reproduce in their villages what they learned here, that they may create new groups and promote culture as a way towards peace and the eradication of violence,” said Ruano to Prensa Latina. 

The professor is the Cuban actress, theater director and researcher Norah Hamze, chief of the acting department from the <em>Instituto Superior de Arte </em>(Higher Art Institute) from Havana . 

This project is very interesting, said Hamze, who pointed out that during all of her forty years of artistic life has worked the popular theater a lot, defined by the Brazilian play writer Augusto Boal as “from the people and for the people.” 

During these courses people are taught art history, some technical knowledge on theater and acting technique, with the objective that the participants may have the basic rules to develop communitarian projects, he pointed out. 

The aim of the ministry for culture is to foster artistic expression in all its different manifestations: visual arts, music, dance, theater and heritage, and for that purpose they are helped by different national and international institutions. 

Translation: Karen López (Cubarte) 

Cuban Dancers Participate in Quito´s International Ballet Encounter

<p align="justify">Havana,  (AIN).- The 2nd International Ballet Festival in the Middle of the World, held in Quito, Ecuador, honored the words of Cuban ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso, who said: "We want all the Americas to dance together". <br>    <br>"That was the spirit that guided us in this festival," noted Rubén Guarderas, director of the National Theater of Quito, which hosted the event. <br>  <br>  Guarderas, who first visited Cuba for the 1976 edition of the Havana International Ballet Festival, asked the Cuban participants to give Alicia his best regards and to express the admiration and gratitude of all Latin Americans, who are so proud of her. <br>  <br>  The Cuban Ballet Company was represented in the festival by dancers Linnet González, Marlene Fuerte, José Losada and Jaciel Gómez as well   as historian Miguel Cabrera, who attended the event as a Guest of Honor. <br>  <br>  The Cuban dancers were praised by critics and the public for the excellent technique and style, in spite of the altitude of almost 3,000 meters that affected almost all the foreign delegations. <br>  <br>Also participating in the festival were delegations from the ballet of the Argentinean Theater of La Plata, the Classic National Ballet of the Dominican Republic, the national ballets of Peru and Chile, the ballet of the Teresa Carreño Theater of Venezuela, the Incolballet of Colombia and the Ecuadorean Ballet of Chamber, host of the event. 

Cuban University Artists Tour Europe

The artistic company Telón Abierto, from the University of Ciego de Avila, is participating in the International Folkloric Festival of the Peoples of the World in Spain. <br>      <br>      According to experts, this is the sixth time the group performs in that kind of event. <br>      <br>      On this occasion, Telón Abierto is presenting a program consisting of the shows "Soy Cubano", a compendium of Cuban popular dance, and "A Mi Tradición Campesina", two typical dances from the region of Majagua. <br>      <br>      They will also perform "Homenaje a Baraguá", which recreates Jamaican dances that were made popular by the Majagua-based group La Cinta. <br>      <br>      The tour, which will conclude on September 10, includes some 50 performances in the Spanish cities of Ferrol, Cuenca, Bilbao, Badajoz, Valencia and Murcia. <br>      <br>
Yusa in Brazil

After her performance in the closing ceremony of the 15th Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Cuban singer Yusa  presented her versatile music in a concert in Sao Paulo.

The Cuban singer/composer will review the most well-known songs from her two singles such as “Una vaca y una foca”; “Re-Nacimiento”; “La espera”; “De colores”; “Del miedo”; “Naufragio” and “Breathe”. 

Starting 9:00 pm (local time), the SESC Pompéia cultural center  hosted the author music of the Cuban singer who never doubts to play the bass and the guitar in her concerts and to flirt with different styles such as bolero, jazz or Brazilian music. 

The show is the artist´s response to an invitation of the Cultural Center of Spain in Sao Paulo. 

Despite this is Yusa´s first concert in the South American country, she´s well-known by the Brazilian public for her participation in the Planetary trio along with Brazilian composer/singer Lenine and Argentine percussionist Ramiro Musotto. 

In 2004, the three recorded “Cité de la Musique” in Paris, which formed part of the CD and DVD “Lenine InCité”. 

That same year, the singer participated in the album “Cuba 21”, compilation of music of the Caribbean Island in which Yusa sang a song alone and two together with Interactivo group and that were launched in Brazil. 

“I am shy and prefer to be accompanied on the stage”, the artist told Folha daily in Sao Paulo. 

Cuban Literacy Program Film Released in Uruguay

p>Havana, (AIN).- The documentary film ¨Yo si puedo¨ (¨Yes I Can¨),   that features the use of the Cuban literacy program will be first screened in   Uruguay´s Social Development Ministry (MIDES), in Montevideo.

Minister Marina Arismendi said the film shows how the program has been tailored   to suit local needs, as presented under the name of Pais de Varela Yo si Puedo   honoring national education father Jose Pedro Varela, reported Prensa Latina.

Some 132 Uruguayans over 18 years old have learned to read and write with the   pilot program. With the implementation of the Cuban teaching method nationwide,   beginning this month, 36, 000 people are expected to be taught. The campaign   is due to conclude in 2008, when Uruguay will be declared free of illiteracy,   according to estimations.

Uruguay now enters the list of over 15 countries using the UNESCO-awarded program,   created by Cuban education experts, that has benefited so far over two million   people.

Schola Cantorum Coralina Succeeds in France

Cuban choir Schola Cantorum Coralina performed with total success in the French towns of  Sully and Autun, after participating in the great popular concert of the Music Festival in Morvan, France.  <br>    <br>  The choral group directed by maestra Alina Orraca will soon sing in Montecenis and the church of Bazoches, which is the resting place for the great French military architect Sebastien Le Pestre Vauban (1633-1707), whom the aforementioned 32nd musical festival is dedicated to.  <br>  <br>  The “Requiem to Vauban´s memory”, by young composer Enguerrand Firedrich Lühl, was performed in Morvan´s  native city, by singers from Cuba, Spain, Hungary, England, Italy, Poland, and Rumania along with the Camerata of Bourgogne under the direction of maestro Pierre Cao, of Luxembourg.  <br>  <br>  The event, celebrating the 300 years of Vauban´s  death, is annually held in Autun, city of the French region of Bourgogne to which Morvan area belongs. It was founded by Romans two thousand years ago.  <br>  <br>  During Louis XVI reign, the great humanist built several fortresses and civil constructions, as well as contributed to the protection of human lives along the French border; many of these constructions have been declared World Heritage Sites.  <br> <br>
Memories of a Unique Childhood: A documentary in Guatemala

The documentary titled Las colmenas (The beehives) by director Alejandro Ramirez had its Cuban premiere this week after being shown with great success in Guatemala. Award winning director Fernando Perez presented the work by the young filmmaker at Havana’s 23 y 12 theatre.

To most people beehives are nothing more than the natural habitat of bees, but for the children of ex-combatants of the Guatemalan People’s Army the word takes on a very different connotation, representing their only hope of surviving the war that affected their country for many years.

Colmenas was the name originally given to homes in Cuba and Nicaragua that, starting in 1979, were made available to mothers who were combatants and activists of the guerrilla organization so that they had a safe place to raise their children and those of other rebels.

The guerrilla war in Guatemala lasted 36 years from 1960 until peace accords were signed in 1996.

In the 52-minute film the director, one of the children who were brought up in a Cuban colmena, recalls a difficult childhood but full of teachings. He uses interviews, archives footage and testimonies to tell the story that is also his. Ramirez currently resides in Cuba and is the only beehive person who did not return permanently to Guatemala after the war ended.

The Las colmenas script was written by the director himself, in a project that he had been working on since 1997, the year he traveled to his birth country after a 17-year absence. 

The film presents a wide range of opinions, testimonies and diverse reflections on the same experience of separations, losses and yearnings. It is a look at the lives of those who have two homelands; the one where they were born and Cuba.

Alejandro Ramirez is a graduate of the Audiovisual Media Communications Faculty of the Havana Institute of Higher Art (ISA). His other documentaries include DeMoler, Monteros, Montañas de Luz and he has won several awards in festivals and contests in different countries.

Buenos Aires: Release the Five

Buenos Aires,  (PL).- A gala of solidarity with five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unfairly imprisoned in United States for fighting terrorism was held in the Cuban Friendship House in this capital. 

Lidia Domini, from the Argentinean Committee for the Release of the Five, presented last Thursday night the documentary "The Process: The Untold Story" by Rolando Almirante, on the trial carried out to those Cuban anti-terrorists and their situation in this cause. 

Domini recalled that there will be a hearing August 20 at the Atlanta 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and exhorted all Argentineans solidary to pay attention to this cause. 

She also called participants to join the September 12th rally in front of the US embassy to demand the release of the Five, after nine years of their imprisonment. 

Lilia Maria Zamora, representative from the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, praised the Argentinean Committee´s labor and called for members to revitalize efforts along with over 100 similar organizations of the world. 

Zamora stated that Ecuador will hold the Fifth Continental meeting of Solidarity with Cuba on October 26th-28th, aimed at agreeing a common strategy for the freedom of those Cuban men. 

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